Concert 2017 - Alice in Wonderland


It is still fresh in our minds the absolute bliss and emotions arisen by the fantastic performances we were able to enjoy in the 2017 Concert.…

There are not many words to describe the pride and love that filled our hearts during those days in which Oxford High School hosted this unforgettable event.

Congratulations 5th grade students and Teachers. 

 We share with you  some memories of the  outstanding performances.


Click on the links to look at the different photos of the show!

Función 1 – 19/09 Turno Mañana: click acá. (5A)

Función 2 – 19/09 Turno Tarde: click acá.(5B)

Función 3 – 20/09 Turno Mañana: click acá. (5A)

Función 4 – 20/09 Turno Tarde: click acá. (5B)

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